Transdermal Next Level

Quite the Mind

Professional athletes have discovered the “QUIET MIND” direct to bloodstream delivery, bypassing the liver’s metabolic activity. Avoiding a spike in heart rate and racing the mind wasting energy before its needed. Drinks and Oral supplements engage the stomach to tie up stomach, intestines for bloating.

Steadier Blood Levels

Transdermal delivers a slow drip to the bloodstream, to give your body what it needs. When it’s needed avoiding the serge of large dosage delivered by injectables and oral supplements. Achieving steady blood levels.

Bypassing gastrointestinal tract.

Oral energy is used up in the intestinal tract and produce side effects. Taking your focus away from your sport, or event. Transdermal produces the “Quiet Focus” Athletes crave.

Effects of Caffeine Transdermal

Eastern Washington found (74-mg) transdermal can alleviate Oral discomfort, from oral caffeine use. Transdermal was found to permeated the skin within 5 min. Produced its best and quickest blood levels with the warmer the skin, and open pores. Transdermal is new to the sports arena but there is a lot of optimism for the benefit for athletes, and weekend warriors. Greeks introduced the compounding of minerals, to what is today’s modern day compounding of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. In today’s pills and transdermal compounds.

Origin of Transdermal

Topical remedies anointed, bandages, rubbed or applied to the skin. Likely have been used since the origin of man, with the appearance of written records, such as clay tablets used by the Sumerians. Indeed, it has been suggested that a liquefied ochre-rich mixture, made some 100,000 years ago and found at the Blombos Cave in South Africa, may have been used for decoration and skin protection. Ancient Egyptians used castor, olive and sesame, fats mainly animals, perfumes bitter almond, peppermint and rosemary. To make there cosmetics and dermatological products unguents, creams, pomades and powders.


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