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    Sport @ Vintage Bands!
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Real Testimonials From Our Previous Product

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I personally believe these products are ingenious. They actually serve a true beneficial purpose with ingredients that are very beneficial for you. I wish they would have been around when my son was playing football several years ago.
I've been using the Acne Mop Headbands on my morning walks and kind of can't believe the difference they make. Not only do they hold my hair back and keep me cool, because of the essential oils the bands are soaked in, they also have really helped clear up my hairline.
Angela Babbles
The headband doesn't have much give so it was hard for me to put them on around a ponytail/bun but my husband did manage to get his on and after one night of work and sweat, his skin was not nearly as irritated as usual when he took off his hard hat.

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